Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Assalamualaikum wbkt..

Mama dapat satu mesg kat FB dari seorang mat saleh..kekononnya nak berkenalan dengan mama..nama dia Frank Desmond.. taktik nak ngenakan orang pompuan kat Malaysia ni tak tahulaa..sapa sapa yang ada terima mesg begini..jangan percaya perfect jerr mamat ni..yang bangang jerr percaya..rasanya..

Selepas mama balas email dia..kata mama dah kahwin..maknanya jangan harap laa tu.., dia balas balik mesg mama..cer baca kat bawah..ish ish..

  • 16 September
    Frank Desmond
    • How are you doing today..? I hopefully believe you doing just fine..... I got to read your profile and i think am so much interested in getting to know you more better and please note am not here for games or to play with your emotion. I am here in search of a compatible and reasonable woman, Who have the fear of God respect and value a relationship,she must be family oriented type and have a great sense of humor and i promise to treat her right through good and bad times,in a short paragraph can you tell me a little about your self? ?,and also hope to read back from you soon..
      Best Regards

  • 8 hours ago
    Frank Desmond
    • Hi Dear,

      How are you doing today,so happy to receive your message and i am so happy that you received my email.....i will like you to know more about me,like i told you before that my name is frank Desmond originally from Italy but my mother is from Florida,i have one son and i Working as a Project Contractor Manager..i joined to search for my soul mate and a woman that i can love with all my heart.

      I would love someone who is fun to be around, likes to laugh, joke around, enjoy being outdoors going for long romantic walks, enjoys looking at the stars at night, and watching the sun set and rise over the ocean. I am looking for someone that enjoys the simple things in life, just as I do. I would like to meet someone special that I can grow old with, and that we can always look into each others eyes and know that the love between us is just as wonderful and exciting as the day we met I want to love a woman for who she is and love her, and let her know just how much she means to me, by the little things I do or say to make her feel special.

      Well I really want you to know much more about me, Unconditional Love and Respect - I am the type of person who gives my whole heart to my partner. I am thoughtful, considerate and affectionate. I like to be free to show my love and not have that stifled (of course, I behave in public! Lol ). I like to show my affection - hugs, kisses, cuddling.

      My partner will have no doubt that I love her. Loyalty - I am very loyal and trustworthy in my partnerships. I am loyal to a fault, which sometimes gets me in trouble but would explain my "little shred of hope" for the fairy tale romance. Fun and Laughter - I love to have fun and laugh - it's good for the soul. I can be very spontaneous and goofy but serious when need be. I'm not silly all of the time but I do like to joke around and have fun. Life is so boring without laughter..

      Well i hope i have been able to unveil myself,and i will like to know more 


  1. Salam...

    camni slalunya scam je..sbb antar msg yg dah di organized gini kan...hakhak dulu zaman Tagged...skrg dirog dah tukar berFB lak...

  2. tu la pasal..kira ni main pasang umpan..nasib nasib laa sapa yang kena